Déjà Vu (2016)

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The film originates years ago in my childhood home in rural Denmark when I did a dreadful act, that still reverberates within me. My father hung a painting of Jesus above my bed to protect me. Every evening before closing my eyes I begged the man on the cross to look after my family. When my family collapsed in spite of all my prayers I blinded his gift. I still remember the smell of the burning canvas and the shock of suddenly seeing wallpaper instead of Jesus' loving eyes. Since then I have travelled the world with my camera to find new ways of looking at life. All the thousands of shots I have designed while hiding behind the camera are both a presentation of various characters, fictional as well as factual, in different landscapes over more than four decades, but at the same time they constitute a picture book of my own thoughts while trying to find a way through life.


Filmic essay

87 minutes

Available in English

In the press

This film is a condensed version of his quest to find new ways to look at life. LINK

Spændstigt selvportræt af en mand, der mistede kærligheden. LINK

’Déjà vu’ tager sit publikum med på rejsen hen til det modne menneskes reflektioner. LINK

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