Portrait of God (2001)

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As another private detective Jon Bang Carlsen sets out in search of the "most wanted person in our time," but how do you shadow somebody who doesn’t cast a shadow? The filmmaker sets out by looking for clues in his immediate surroundings. First in the small town near Cape town where he lives with his family. Later he has to open up the search area to include all of the turbulent South African society. Closest to the target he comes when filming a group of murderers in Pollsmoor prison. To break free of the hell they ended up in some of the murderers turn to Jesus and ask him to set them free. Is there room for humor in a portrait of God? In Jon Bang Carlsen's portrait of The Almighty there is. Just as, according to the film, there is room for doubt in God's heart.



71 minutes

Available in English

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Jon Bang Carlsen's thought-provoking documentary "Portrait of God" is both a moving depiction of men and women striving to grasp what religion is and an artistic film in its own right. LINK

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