Just the Right Amount of Violence (2013)

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A story about the break-up of the one love affair that we can't live without, the love between children and parents. The cradle of our souls. The location is suburbian Los Angeles. The home of James Dean from “Rebel without a cause" and "Desperate housewives". The classic dolls' houses that frame our strict ideas of happiness and cripple those who can't develope within. While fighting to make this painful story reveal itself to the camera I realized that the only way I could make the wounded teenagers face my camera was by facing an agonizing pain within my own soul. A loss of parental love that I kept abay by hiding behind the very camera, that was supposed to tell a story of teenagers who paid for by their parents were being hijacked to teenage prisons in Utah in the name of love.


Staged documentary

80 minutes

Available in English

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